Up Skill to earn the big $$$

Plan for Success!

If like me you are serious about your commitment here at WA to create a new lifestyle for yourself then you MUST get the skills you need to get you the lifestyle you desire!

We as Premium members of WA are certainly off to a good start with the fantastic training that is available to us here as members but to take it to the next level you have to be willing to invest in your business’s most valuable asset… YOU

I never recommend anything that I have not tried for myself so below is a link for you to get 2 FREE months on Skill Share compliments of Fireyourdayjob.com In my business it’s not always about selling you something, I have learnt that to truly succeed you must learn to give without expectation!

Below is my gift to you, enjoy and grow my friends!


$$$ Making Money Online 2019 $$$

Just over a month ago on the 25th of March, to be exact, I gave up my ever consuming Corporate job and took a part-time job to give me more freedom to pursue my dream of creating an online life for myself. Having to support a family too I took a job that paid enough to cover the expenses and decided to get stuck in and learn as much as I could as fast as I could without expectation.

I have learnt over the past year that being half in just doesn’t work, there will always be something else that will consume your time and your initial dream will just be a fading memory. Now, you will blame everything around you for this like “WA doesn’t work” “online lifestyles are an urban myth” or even better you will look on enviously of others and think to yourself, “those guys are only making money because they spend thousands on traffic”

All the above excuses are horse manure! The biggest reason that it doesn’t work…wait for it… It’s YOUR FAULT! That’s right, your fault! Change your mindset and commit, that’s it, simple. Look at your online business like a regular bricks and mortar business, if you don’t sell, you don’t eat! If you really want anything in life like a new car, the latest smart phone, new laptop, new camera then we are motivated to work our butts off to my that new shiny car or gadget, so, reverse engineer that theory and apply it to your online business.

Try everything, I mean everything, just like you would for that new car of gadget. Dabble in everything, build a website, write blogs, record videos, live on social media threads, DM influencers on Instagram. If you want it “do whatever it takes”put your head down and grind, hold yourself accountable for every action and keep going. Take the training here, its like pure gold, for anything else use that massive encyclopedia at your fingertips called THE INTERNET, you can find almost anything you want to know on the internet

Focus on the marathon not the sprint, Rome was not built in a day, that’s for sure! Enjoy the process more than the end result and don’t be afraid to set BIG goals for yourself. If you want big results then dream big. Realize that everything that happens to you in your online business is YOUR FAULT! If you can wrap your head around that then you will come to understand that being accountable for everything in your life will give you immense power to change the outcome of almost anything in your life!

Making real money online in 2019

Let’s Get Rolling!

<a href="https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com?a_aid=a7a17447"><img src="https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/banners/show/wa_starter_650x255.png" border="0" /></a> 

First off, we would like to personally welcome you to fireyourdayjob.com . I am Glen, founder and CEO of fireyourdayjob.com  and I am going to be the one walking you through the mindset and processes here to get you earning a sustainable income for yourself.

Earn on your terms!

You have definitely made the right choice in joining the community here at Wealthy Affiliate through fireyourdayjob.com , you are going to love it here and you are going to quickly realize we care about you and your success online!

I want to point out a few important things:

(1) Anyone Can Accomplish Success Online. There are 3.75 BILLION people using the Internet, regardless of the direction you head online there is a very large number of people there that you can connect with. Members here at WA succeed at the highest rate out of any platform online!

(2) Anything NEW can appear to be Overwhelming at First. Like riding a bike, it is normal to feel overwhelmed and even “fall” a few times when getting rolling. Don’t worry, you will quickly get the hang of things! Stick with Wealthy Affiliate and you will achieve, and far exceed your goals.

(3) No Technical or Prior Online Business Experience Required. If you have experience that is great, but it is definitely not a requirement here at Wealthy Affiliate. Everything related to online business can be learned here within your membership and you definitely do not need to be a “techie”.

(4) Success is a Journey. Success is very cumulative by design. This means that everything you do now, and every step you take will contribute towards your personal success in the future. An exciting journey does lie ahead and the effort you put forth now will pay off later and often times forever!

A Quick Look at How YOU Will Be Creating Success

Success online is at the core a 4 step process nothing more complex than this and this is exactly what you are going to be learning here at Wealthy Affiliate. Here is a quick diagram breaking down the process. 

Broken, down, the process looks like this:

Step 1: Choose an Interest. This can be anything at all, any interest, passion or even something you have no personal experience with.

Step 2: Build a Website. Your website is your foundation

Step 3: Attract Visitors. You are going to be learning all about how to get traffic and visitors to your website. The first focus is FREE traffic and there is A LOT of it out there.

Step 4: Earn Revenue. Once you have people on your site and traffic, you can earn revenue. There are over 50 ways you can monetize traffic online!

As you go through the training, this is going to be covered in detail. As mentioned, absolutely EVERYTHING you need is here at WA to facilitate this process!

Before we go any further…

I  want to give you two simple pieces of advice within the Wealthy Affiliate community.

Piece of Advice #1: Do not be afraid to ask questions! There is 100,000’s of people here within WA and many, MANY experts. You need help, please ask!

Piece of Advice #2: Take action on what you learn! Action leads to success. You could read and watch the training until you are blue in the face, but if you never take action on it you won’t achieve any success. 

<a href="https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com?a_aid=a7a17447"><img src="https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/banners/show/wealthy-affiliate-membership-grid.png" border="0" /></a>

3 easy steps to work from home in 2019

Sick and tired of trading long hours, time away from your family and being undervalued for a job that doesn’t pay you a fraction of what you’re worth? This is the year to make a change to be your own boss, have the freedom to work from home and determine the income you deserve!

Overworked & Underpaid

I will share with you in this post 3 Easy steps to get you on the right track to create a life of freedom where nobody will ever undervalue you ever again. You will have the freedom to chose your own hours and to earn an income that will allow you to chose how you want to live your life.

Step 1

Find a niche market that relates to a product or service that you are passionate about. If you are passionate about what you are offering, you will be more enthusiastic about your offering and others will feel your passion and want to buy or chose your offering. We all have those moments when you think you have a fantastic idea and we tend to dwell for too much time without taking action on what could be the next big trend our product. If you don’t try or take action, you will never know just how successful you could really be.

Plan & Find your Niche

Step 2

Find a program that will offer you the very best value for your money. There are so many programs out there offering you a magic formula for success that its hard to try and filter out the bad from the good. Take it from someone who has lost a lot of money investing in programs out of desperation. There is no magic program out there, there is no “get rich quick” formula. You need a good base with loads of training from novice to advanced level on exactly what you need to run your new business. I have gone through the painstaking process of weeding out the bad for you, below is my number 1 recommendation as a base for your business with all the training you will ever need and a huge community of support to help you every step of the way! The best part is you get 7 days absolutely FREE to try it out and see how much you are getting for a tiny investment every month.

Step 3

Realise your potential, change your mindset! You have to realise that there are no shortcuts in life, no matter what these crazy people are claiming on the internet. Hard work, consistency and leveraging as much organic (free) tools to promote your business as possible will serve you well. Think of it this way… what are you willing to do or how hard are. You willing to work for those that are dearest to you? My answer is always, I will do absolutely anything for the ones I love. Take that and manifest it to your business and you will not fail!

Make Money From Home?

Change gears in your mind

Seriously folks, it’s going to take a total overhaul of your thought patterns. You are going to have to realise your inner instinct to do whatever the hell it takes to build the lifestyle you truly desire for you and your loved ones. NO shortcuts, NO procrastination and NO slacking. It’s hard work and perseverance from here on in.

Changing Gears

Take accountability for ALL your actions

Realise from the start that as hard as it is to swallow that everything you do is YOUR fault and nobody else is to blame for your outcomes. When you take accountability for your actions you alone determine the outcome of your success, to me, that’s damn exciting. It drives me to be the commander in chief of my destiny and lets me own my failures and learn from them quickly.

Make time for the future you are building

If like me, you still have a full time job while growing your future, be innovative with your time, instead of coming home after a days work and lying on the sofa watching television or Netflix. Produce content like there’s no tomorrow. treat it like a second job work from 9pm till 2am get comfortable with pushing yourself, thats what its going to take to suceed!

Making Time for your business

Be comfortable with being uncomfortable

Push yourself further than you normally would and when it gets hard always refer back to what it’s going to feel like when you are earning more from your own business than to do from your 9-5 day job. If it was easy everybody would be doing it! No matter what your niche is, drive it hard and don’t let the knocks get you down, get up and push forward.

Why am I being this direct?

I am not one of those guys that you see on YouTube  or other media platforms that is going to sell you a “pup”. The fancy cars and exotic holidays with false pretences that this is a walk in the park. That is not what I’m about! I will guide you honestly and with total integrity. I want you to succeed not set you up for failure.

Fighting Side by Side

Consider this…

Who do you want by your side when things get tough? When it seems like your dream is slipping away? Do you want someone who is going to try and sugar coat everything for you with false hope or do you want a straight talking fighter that will keep it real with you and walk side by side with you through the tough times to get you to where you want to be? I know you already know the answer to that.

In conclusion

I will not up-sell you to invest more on some magical training to get you to the “next level”. With me, it’s transparent, I will give you a free trail of Wealthy Affiliate to try our platform with all the tools you need in one place, should you decide after that to join Wealthy Affiliate then your membership won’t change, there are no up-sells, I would rather see you succeed by investing money into your own business to grow and blossom.

Your success is my success!

The Truth about Affiliate Networks

So, you have browsed the internet and stumbled across a link or a YouTube video that captured your attention about earning a passive income online. Suddenly you are hit with this nervous excitement that intrigues you. Can it be done? Is this another scam? Can I really earn a sustainable income while having the freedom to work from home?

Earn on Your Terms

Like all of you reading this, I was curious to know more…

It soon became apparent that there were literally hundreds of Affiliate Networks claiming to be the next best internet boom. Some of these sites unashamedly boast about six figure income earned in a month! Six figures a month, most people don’t earn that in a year…Wow! Posts and Youtube videos depicting these people driving ridiculously expensive supercars and travelling the globe to exotic destinations. Slow down tiger, take the blinkers off and think about this for a second!

False Wealth Claims

Just like in any circumstance in life, if what you are looking at looks too good to be true… it is! Don’t get sucked in, if you do, its your own fault! As harsh as that sounds, its the hones truth, research in depth different programs, make sure that they are 100% transparent with you about not only the “buy in” price but also what you are getting for your money and be extra cautious as to what they are claiming as a time frame for a return on your investment.

Word to the wise, people constantly use phrases like “Create a 6 future income in one month” or “this is how I earned 6 figures in 30 days”. PLEASE believe me when I tell you thats BULL! There is no short cut for hard work and persistence, none! All of these guys that boast these kind of numbers, even those that put out a screen shot of their earnings, they didn’t achieve that over night or in their first 30 days for that matter.

Sports Car

They pick those terms mentioned above because thats what ranks high in terms of YouTube and Google rankings which means that they get more viewers to click their links and get sucked in to whatever they are selling, plain and simple. If you see videos or ads with these people driving supercars that they “bought” with their amazing earnings, entertain the thought that perhaps they leased these cars to boast their ads or even worse they borrowed the cars for the video and the holiday you see them on is most likely the holiday they take every year regardless.

I learnt the hard way that yes, you can create a digital life for yourself, however the price you will pay is tons of hard work, commitment, planning and research. If you are accountable to yourself to keep on track, you will reap the benefits of your hard work. I have burning desire to be 100% honest and upfront with people so that they don’t fall into the same traps that I did. I want customers for life, not a quick hit to get commissions.

Here is my Number 1 recommendation for an honest and long term affiliate network that will genuinely help you on the road to building a life of freedom. Please note that I said HELP you and not an overnight magic formula to make you rich.

Wealthy Affiliate is 100% upfront about their investment costs…

Wealthy Affiliate even give you a FREE test drive of their system so that you can make an INFORMED decision. I am committed to the decision being yours, I am not interested in a shot term gain of selling you on empty promises.

Once you have made the decision to earn an income on your terms and you click on one of the above links, thats when the fun starts, you get to learn all the systems and infrastructure you will need all in one place, you will join a community of like minded individuals just like you, that are there to help and advise you along your journey. Most importantly your success and goals become my success and goals too.

Focus & Consistency with Working from Home

In this crazy world of information overload its hard to try to determine which path is right for you. I have some personal experience here, my business seemed like such a simple idea in the beginning but after more intensive research and training I have found this to be a more daunting task that I could ever have imagined!


At this point is where most people would either abandon their initial idea or worse than that, they will throw in the towel all together. Being that I have a “never quit” attitude with a drive to do whatever it takes to succeed, I decided to stick with it and its only now that I can focus more clearly on exactly what I want to achieve with my initial idea.

My goal with this post is to reach those that have found themselves in the same position in the early stages of choosing a Digital Lifestyle. The most challenging part of this journey is not the sheer overload of information but rather the process of putting all the pieces of your puzzle together.

Always refer back to your most important question, “WHY” are you doing this in the first place, that should always determine the amount of hard work and perseverance you are willing to endure to reach your ultimate goal of a life of freedom. This will be your reference point during the challenging times.

On a personal note, I have not earned a single cent in my business yet, not due to any specific hindrances yet but purely down to the fact that my pieces of my puzzle are not all in place yet. Don’t be in a rush, no operation was every executed with precision without endless amounts of practice, drill and endless rehearsing!

Set achievable goals and stick to them religiously, map out your path with precision and note down your progress every step of the way. Don’t be afraid to make small adjustments along the way if you find that something is not working. Having the focus to constantly evaluate every step is essential.

Once you have reached this point it is a massive achievement in itself, not every success is measured in monetary terms, celebrate every small success its very important to recognize that every effort is a step further than you were yesterday. Stay focused, be vigilant and maintain a high level of consistency with your work rate and you will succeed!

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Want to earn an income from home? Focus & Consistency are the key elements, there is no magic formula.” quote=”Want to earn an income from home? Focus & Consistency are the key elements, there is no magic formula.”]


The Truth about a Laptop Lifestyle & earning a Passive Income

The Residual income Business Opportunity

Before you consider anything else you must discover your “why”, as in why are you choosing a digital lifestyle to provide you with a life of freedom?

My aim in this article is to keep it real with you! I am not going to sugar coat this article with paragraphs of self-help content. I cover self-help in my support information pack. Plus, there is a good chance that you have been looking at self-help as you search for a genuine residual income business opportunity.

When you have made that decision, the next smart move is to find a platform that will provide you with all the necessary tools you need to start your business, give you ongoing training and available resources you need at the most affordable price, makes sense, right? 

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of people and online affiliate networks out there that will claim to make you rich in no time at all with very little effort, most of these have fancy videos with guys either driving insanely expensive sports cars or floating around the globe on exotic holidays claiming all kinds of short term success stories. Well I’m here to tell you that the majority of those are nonsense!

More often than not these guys are looking for you to pay an initial fee thats not too steep in the beginning but they will keep using up-sells to get you to the next level and spend more and more of your hard earned money with them on the promise that their next level is where you need to be to position yourself to see the same success that they are depicting.

If it seems too good to be true that’s most likely because it is! Be smart, do your due diligence and research these types of claims in detail. If anyone is not at the very least open with you about what you are getting for your investment without wanting your credit card details, its simply not worth the risk without being 100% sure about what you are getting for your hard earned money.

I nearly got caught out, not once but twice. Be vigilant and do your research before you commit. Anyone that cannot be 100% upfront with you about what your initial investment will be and exactly what you will be getting in return is most likely concealing hidden costs from you.

After two failed attempts I decided to go with Wealthy Affiliate and here are my reasons why:

  • Both the Co-Founders are family men just like me and they are actively involved in the Wealthy Affiliate  business every single day on the platforms, posting encouraging comments on brand new members pages and they don’t show boat around in big fancy vehicles, bragging about their wealth and riches.
  • Unlike all the others Wealthy Affiliate offered me a 7 Days FREE to trial and test their platform with no requests for a credit card.
  • I am afforded every possible online tool needed to run a successful businesses online as part of my Premium membership.
  • I am part of a group of like minded entrepreneurs who offer their help and assistance every step of the way.
  • The training is world class and current in todays online world, with all the latest trends and business strategies that are making our members succeed today. You will be trained from the the grass roots of a fresh online “newbie” to a seasoned professional.
  • My personal Mentor at Wealthy Affiliate has been with me from Day 1, supporting me and assisting me every step of the way.
  • Both my businesses are kept securely under one roof which makes working so much more efficient and has boosted my businesses to new heights.

Lets take a moment to go back to the beginning and go through why I wasn’t prepared to pad this  post with loads of self-help content just for the sake of filling space…

Chances are you are here because you have already made that decision in your own mind that there has to be a better alternative to the daily grind or you have a necessity to earn money for yourself as there simply is no alternative… Good, you’re already halfway there then! I have to be straight with you from the get-go and give you some cold truth in order for you to succeed at building a life of freedom where you determine your income.

  1. You are the captain of your destiny, therefore, your ultimate success is determined by the amount of hard work, research, training and dedication that you alone invest in your business. Just being a member of any affiliate network alone is not enough, you have to be prepared to put in the hard work to exceed your goals.
  2. Be realistic about your return on investment, it wont happen overnight so be prepared for doing tasks that you may be uncomfortable with initially, like writing blog posts or recording video if you chose Youtube as an outlet. If you stay focused on your goals then you are prepared to do whatever it takes and being uncomfortable is a place you will come relish because its going to get you where you desire to be!
  3. Be resourceful and take every opportunity to consume as much training as you can at every opportunity, this will sharpen your skills and teach you the things that you may find challenging in the beginning. Be strict with yourself and dedicate at least an hour a day to read  new content whether it be motivation material from the likes of Tony Robbins or an e-book on Online Marketing, whatever you choose make sure its a skill that you can utilise to up-skill yourself for your business.
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, what you may perceive as a silly question may be easily answered and keep you moving forward. As a member of Wealthy Affiliate you have access to a huge community of like minded entrepreneurs that have all had to start in the same place as you, the best part is that they want to see you succeed too, so, help is always near.
  5. I cannot guarantee your success, nobody but you can, it comes down to a simple theory that your success will be determined by the amount of time effort and commitment you put into yourself to reach your goals. If you fall, dust yourself off and get back up again. Use your community to help you, when you are feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath and go through your goals again to keep you motivated. A little personal share from me, when I started out I had to do exactly that , at least four or five times a day to remind myself why I am doing this. I would simply take a short break go for a short walk with my beautiful kids or talk to my wife and and then I would be realigned with the reason I do this, its all for my family!

Having said all that, what I will do for you is always be 100% straight with you. Its not my goal to sell you on some fluffy ideal that by simply joining Wealthy Affiliate you will instantly hit a single button and succeeded. I will commit to be at your side through your journey and give you all my own insights and experiences that will save you a huge amount of time and effort on your journey to earning that income you desire. I will introduce you to a massive support network within Wealthy Affiliate that are always willing to help you with no strings attached!

Finally, I am going to give you the same opportunity that was given to me, by clicking below you will have the FREE 7 day pass to have access to training and set up your first 2 Websites and have access to training and help to enable you to make a well informed decision! This means you can earn while you learn

Once you have, leave a comment and let me know that you have signed up and I will connect with you.

What to consider when working from home

3 Must Have tools to work from home

Firstly you need to have a decent working Apple or Windows laptop, this does not have to be “top of the range” with the highest specs by any means but you should have the basics that can deal with the browsing and multi tasking that you will be doing and at least ports to support transfer of files to an external hard drive so that you wont take up all your disc space and a decent screen as you will be working initially for a good amount of time staring at your screen.

I personally chose a MacBook just because you get a heap of handy software for basic video editing and screen recording as free software with your Mac. Below  I have attached some links for you to get the bast value windows and Apple laptops at some very reasonable prices.

Secondly you will need a stable connection to the internet to be able to do work on your site, blog, research and track your progress as well as assign daily goals for yourself. Planning and goal setting is an integral part of working from home as you alone will determine the success that you achieve from your newly chosen Digital Lifestyle, you have to become goal oriented to succeed at designing the lifestyle that you desire.

Thirdly you will need a smartphone and again this does not have to be the top of the line smart phone of today but a decent smartphone will serve you as a camera, video camera, browser on the go and also provide you with a personal hotspot for the internet while you are on the move to enable you to work absolutely anywhere that you can access a good signal. I have attached some links below for you on some well priced smartphones on both IOS and Android.

Online Tools & Education

Chances are that you were in the same mindset as me, had enough of working countless hours for a thankless job where you are only a number or perhaps you have no choice but to find a better alternative to earn an income for yourself.

I can tell you from personal experience that there are so many so called “get rich quick” scams out there and even worse than that, there are so called Affiliate networks that will lure you in with a  promise to make you rich beyond your wildest dreams! PLEASE NOTE if it seems too good to be true then I am here to tell you that it most likely is! Even if you don’t click on my link below, please beware, there is companies out there that will start with a small investment and then feed you a lot of personal development material initially and then charge you a fortune after that to get to the next level and again the next level. You will find these are what are commonly known as Multi Level Marketing schemes, they cleverly disguise themselves as Affiliate Marketing companies however, the only people that make real money here are the early investors and people at the top tier of these companies, you will not make money in these types of organisations, that I can tell you from bad personal experiences.

Earning an income online takes plenty of hard work, dedication and planning on your part and you have to be committed to working on your chosen path every single day without fail. If this is not what you are prepared to do then I am not the guy you need to be taking advice from. If you truly want to succeed, I will keep sharing tips and free resources with you every step of the way.

I am fortunate to have partnered with an amazing community called Wealthy Affiliate, this is a community of like minded entrepreneurs like you and me that share ideas and support each other in our journeys towards a life of freedom to earn an income for yourself. At Wealthy affiliate ALL the software tools, training and support that you will need to succeed is under one roof! The best part I found is that you don’t have to pay a single cent upfront to try out the community to see if its the right fit for you.

Choosing an Laptop Lifestyle eliminates all the costly upfront costs associated with a traditional bricks and mortar business thats what makes working online so appealing to so many people. Aligning yourself with the right support and infrastructure is critical at the very beginning, I credit my success so far to the amazing people that have supported me every step of the way in Wealthy Affiliate. The best way for me to pay this forward is to help you, and thats exactly what I will do when you click on my link below that will give you FREE access to try this out for yourself.

If you follow my link above and decide to take that step for yourself, I will commit to be there for you and share with you as many of the FREE utilities that I have found along the way to save you a ton of money, I would rather see you invest that money wisely into your new business and achieve the life of freedom you desire. Leave me a comment below this post and I will contact you in your Wealthy Affiliate dashboard and support you!

Invest In Your Education

Its very important that you invest in yourself as your most valuable asset, there is tons of material on the internet that you can get hold of. I would start with some material to get you in the right mindset first to be motivated and goal orientated. Be focused on the education you seek out and try and make it relevant to where you are in your online journey that will make it easier to not get caught up in an information overload state.

Wealthy Affiliate will provide you with action based education that will help you to Earn while you Learn, however if you want to excel its important to dedicate a portion of your day to learning new skills that will help your business grow. When we connect in Wealthy Affiliate I will share what I have accumulated with you FREE of charge.

So, here is what I can do for you, 7 Day FREE pass to help you make sense of the online route to your new future, an amazing community of support, ALL my handy tips and material that I have gathered along the way and best of all… the first step wont cost you a penny! I look forward to helping you succeed!