What to consider when working from home

3 Must Have tools to work from home

Firstly you need to have a decent working Apple or Windows laptop, this does not have to be “top of the range” with the highest specs by any means but you should have the basics that can deal with the browsing and multi tasking that you will be doing and at least ports to support transfer of files to an external hard drive so that you wont take up all your disc space and a decent screen as you will be working initially for a good amount of time staring at your screen.

I personally chose a MacBook just because you get a heap of handy software for basic video editing and screen recording as free software with your Mac. Below  I have attached some links for you to get the bast value windows and Apple laptops at some very reasonable prices.

Secondly you will need a stable connection to the internet to be able to do work on your site, blog, research and track your progress as well as assign daily goals for yourself. Planning and goal setting is an integral part of working from home as you alone will determine the success that you achieve from your newly chosen Digital Lifestyle, you have to become goal oriented to succeed at designing the lifestyle that you desire.

Thirdly you will need a smartphone and again this does not have to be the top of the line smart phone of today but a decent smartphone will serve you as a camera, video camera, browser on the go and also provide you with a personal hotspot for the internet while you are on the move to enable you to work absolutely anywhere that you can access a good signal. I have attached some links below for you on some well priced smartphones on both IOS and Android.

Online Tools & Education

Chances are that you were in the same mindset as me, had enough of working countless hours for a thankless job where you are only a number or perhaps you have no choice but to find a better alternative to earn an income for yourself.

I can tell you from personal experience that there are so many so called “get rich quick” scams out there and even worse than that, there are so called Affiliate networks that will lure you in with a  promise to make you rich beyond your wildest dreams! PLEASE NOTE if it seems too good to be true then I am here to tell you that it most likely is! Even if you don’t click on my link below, please beware, there is companies out there that will start with a small investment and then feed you a lot of personal development material initially and then charge you a fortune after that to get to the next level and again the next level. You will find these are what are commonly known as Multi Level Marketing schemes, they cleverly disguise themselves as Affiliate Marketing companies however, the only people that make real money here are the early investors and people at the top tier of these companies, you will not make money in these types of organisations, that I can tell you from bad personal experiences.

Earning an income online takes plenty of hard work, dedication and planning on your part and you have to be committed to working on your chosen path every single day without fail. If this is not what you are prepared to do then I am not the guy you need to be taking advice from. If you truly want to succeed, I will keep sharing tips and free resources with you every step of the way.

I am fortunate to have partnered with an amazing community called Wealthy Affiliate, this is a community of like minded entrepreneurs like you and me that share ideas and support each other in our journeys towards a life of freedom to earn an income for yourself. At Wealthy affiliate ALL the software tools, training and support that you will need to succeed is under one roof! The best part I found is that you don’t have to pay a single cent upfront to try out the community to see if its the right fit for you.

Choosing an Laptop Lifestyle eliminates all the costly upfront costs associated with a traditional bricks and mortar business thats what makes working online so appealing to so many people. Aligning yourself with the right support and infrastructure is critical at the very beginning, I credit my success so far to the amazing people that have supported me every step of the way in Wealthy Affiliate. The best way for me to pay this forward is to help you, and thats exactly what I will do when you click on my link below that will give you FREE access to try this out for yourself.

If you follow my link above and decide to take that step for yourself, I will commit to be there for you and share with you as many of the FREE utilities that I have found along the way to save you a ton of money, I would rather see you invest that money wisely into your new business and achieve the life of freedom you desire. Leave me a comment below this post and I will contact you in your Wealthy Affiliate dashboard and support you!

Invest In Your Education

Its very important that you invest in yourself as your most valuable asset, there is tons of material on the internet that you can get hold of. I would start with some material to get you in the right mindset first to be motivated and goal orientated. Be focused on the education you seek out and try and make it relevant to where you are in your online journey that will make it easier to not get caught up in an information overload state.

Wealthy Affiliate will provide you with action based education that will help you to Earn while you Learn, however if you want to excel its important to dedicate a portion of your day to learning new skills that will help your business grow. When we connect in Wealthy Affiliate I will share what I have accumulated with you FREE of charge.

So, here is what I can do for you, 7 Day FREE pass to help you make sense of the online route to your new future, an amazing community of support, ALL my handy tips and material that I have gathered along the way and best of all… the first step wont cost you a penny! I look forward to helping you succeed!

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