Focus & Consistency with Working from Home

In this crazy world of information overload its hard to try to determine which path is right for you. I have some personal experience here, my business seemed like such a simple idea in the beginning but after more intensive research and training I have found this to be a more daunting task that I could ever have imagined!


At this point is where most people would either abandon their initial idea or worse than that, they will throw in the towel all together. Being that I have a “never quit” attitude with a drive to do whatever it takes to succeed, I decided to stick with it and its only now that I can focus more clearly on exactly what I want to achieve with my initial idea.

My goal with this post is to reach those that have found themselves in the same position in the early stages of choosing a Digital Lifestyle. The most challenging part of this journey is not the sheer overload of information but rather the process of putting all the pieces of your puzzle together.

Always refer back to your most important question, “WHY” are you doing this in the first place, that should always determine the amount of hard work and perseverance you are willing to endure to reach your ultimate goal of a life of freedom. This will be your reference point during the challenging times.

On a personal note, I have not earned a single cent in my business yet, not due to any specific hindrances yet but purely down to the fact that my pieces of my puzzle are not all in place yet. Don’t be in a rush, no operation was every executed with precision without endless amounts of practice, drill and endless rehearsing!

Set achievable goals and stick to them religiously, map out your path with precision and note down your progress every step of the way. Don’t be afraid to make small adjustments along the way if you find that something is not working. Having the focus to constantly evaluate every step is essential.

Once you have reached this point it is a massive achievement in itself, not every success is measured in monetary terms, celebrate every small success its very important to recognize that every effort is a step further than you were yesterday. Stay focused, be vigilant and maintain a high level of consistency with your work rate and you will succeed!

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