The Truth about Affiliate Networks

So, you have browsed the internet and stumbled across a link or a YouTube video that captured your attention about earning a passive income online. Suddenly you are hit with this nervous excitement that intrigues you. Can it be done? Is this another scam? Can I really earn a sustainable income while having the freedom to work from home?

Earn on Your Terms

Like all of you reading this, I was curious to know more…

It soon became apparent that there were literally hundreds of Affiliate Networks claiming to be the next best internet boom. Some of these sites unashamedly boast about six figure income earned in a month! Six figures a month, most people don’t earn that in a year…Wow! Posts and Youtube videos depicting these people driving ridiculously expensive supercars and travelling the globe to exotic destinations. Slow down tiger, take the blinkers off and think about this for a second!

False Wealth Claims

Just like in any circumstance in life, if what you are looking at looks too good to be true… it is! Don’t get sucked in, if you do, its your own fault! As harsh as that sounds, its the hones truth, research in depth different programs, make sure that they are 100% transparent with you about not only the “buy in” price but also what you are getting for your money and be extra cautious as to what they are claiming as a time frame for a return on your investment.

Word to the wise, people constantly use phrases like “Create a 6 future income in one month” or “this is how I earned 6 figures in 30 days”. PLEASE believe me when I tell you thats BULL! There is no short cut for hard work and persistence, none! All of these guys that boast these kind of numbers, even those that put out a screen shot of their earnings, they didn’t achieve that over night or in their first 30 days for that matter.

Sports Car

They pick those terms mentioned above because thats what ranks high in terms of YouTube and Google rankings which means that they get more viewers to click their links and get sucked in to whatever they are selling, plain and simple. If you see videos or ads with these people driving supercars that they “bought” with their amazing earnings, entertain the thought that perhaps they leased these cars to boast their ads or even worse they borrowed the cars for the video and the holiday you see them on is most likely the holiday they take every year regardless.

I learnt the hard way that yes, you can create a digital life for yourself, however the price you will pay is tons of hard work, commitment, planning and research. If you are accountable to yourself to keep on track, you will reap the benefits of your hard work. I have burning desire to be 100% honest and upfront with people so that they don’t fall into the same traps that I did. I want customers for life, not a quick hit to get commissions.

Here is my Number 1 recommendation for an honest and long term affiliate network that will genuinely help you on the road to building a life of freedom. Please note that I said HELP you and not an overnight magic formula to make you rich.

Wealthy Affiliate is 100% upfront about their investment costs…

Wealthy Affiliate even give you a FREE test drive of their system so that you can make an INFORMED decision. I am committed to the decision being yours, I am not interested in a shot term gain of selling you on empty promises.

Once you have made the decision to earn an income on your terms and you click on one of the above links, thats when the fun starts, you get to learn all the systems and infrastructure you will need all in one place, you will join a community of like minded individuals just like you, that are there to help and advise you along your journey. Most importantly your success and goals become my success and goals too.

26 Replies to “The Truth about Affiliate Networks”

  1. You are absolutely right about these sites promising you the moon and the starts. As you said, if it sounds too good to be true, then it is. Hard work and perseverance are the only things that will make any program work for you. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Yes, totally agree. There are scammers everywhere over the internet just hunting for our $$$ …
    Only through hard work and commitment we can achieve success
    By the way, I heard about Wealthy Affiliate as being genuine
    Thanks for sharing, good job

  3. I enjoyed this post. I’ve been a part of affiliate marketing and the earnings can be substantial if done right. You will have marketers out there that will bull up their story just to close sales. A very unscrupulous business model, unfortunately, it works well on the naive.

  4. I’ve been down the scam road more times than I can count. You are so right about the cars and money and promises. They truly are crap and scams!
    I know because I went through all that hell and found Wealthy Affiliate. First time I ever came across a truly legitimate program that wasn’t a scam. These guys are the real deal!
    I know this because it truly is about hard work!

  5. I must agree with you. To succeed online you need to work very hard just like in offline world. I was scammed a lot times because I believed in those things that promise millions of dollars in one month. I learned the lesson and now I work hard to achieve online success. It is definitely possible but dedication is the key.

  6. Yes, I don’t see how you can go wrong when a company, as big and as long-running as Wealthy Affiliate, offers you a totally 100% free membership.  I mean, they didn’t even ask for a credit card.  They wanted my Name, my Email, my Username and a Password.  Bam!  I was in.  Then I was directed right to the welcome video, and I started getting welcome messages and stuff from the other members. It was pretty cool, I have to say, and there is no requirement to ever upgrade.  You will want to upgrade, because you get all the rest of that awesome training, but you aren’t required to,so that’s pretty cool.  Great article!  Thanks for the info.


    1. Thanks for the comment, yes, I agree 100%, any company should be upfront about their cost and also if they are prepared to give you a free trial, thats a company you should invest in to grow your business!

  7. Nothing good ever comes easy. You are very right, there are so many horrible programs out there promising all kinds of unrealistic rewards and income. They are ripping innocent people off making it difficult to believe that a real program actually exists. Well, one does, it’s called Wealthy Affiliate!

    1. Absolutely agree with you 100% Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need to succeed in one place, thank you for your comment!

  8. I love what you said in regards to “There is no short cut for hard work and persistence, none”. People see the scam lines of making 6 figures in a short period of time and get sucked into that tunnel vision rather than seeing the facts. I see your number one recommendations for those willing to put in the hard work and become successful, and I can say that it is extremely worth it. I have used wealthy affiliate and continue to do so. The training I learned, the community that embraced and helped me through website creation and development – they are second to none. Plus, you can start for free with no money involved out of pocket- that speaks volumes for any business willing to allow you to learn and develop a site (or two) at no cost to you!

    1. Thanks for the reply, Wealthy Affiliate have offered me the tools to rocket my businesses and the training alone has been amazing, thanks again!

  9. Wealthy Affiliate is as good as it gets.  You are so right that there are so many false claims that it is actually easy to make an income online.  While you can make money promoting Wealthy Affiliate the key is how well it teaches you to do the work.  They will give you the tools and show you how to use them.  Whether you use them is up to you.  Kudos to you on such a great article and being honest and letting people know the truth.

    1. Thanks for the post Dale, its so important to do proper due diligence when investing your money, it surprises me how some of these guys get away with these lavish claims that they portray! Theres no substitute for 100% pure honest business practices it will win every time!

  10. Thanks for the warning and for being upfront about this. I absolutely agree with you that if something is too good to be true, it probably is. I have come across many of these affiliate network sites that promise you a six figure income without having to work hard. And I thought, “Really?” Can one actually make a lot of money without putting in hard work and commitment? Sadly, many people get sucked into these scams.

    While it is possible to make money working from home, you have to invest time, effort and some money, which is exactly what they tell you at Wealthy Affiliate, your number one recommendation for an honest affiliate network. They will not only teach you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing, they will also tell you that you need to put in time and effort in order to succeed.

    1. Thanks for the reply, yes, its so important to do proper due diligence on anything before investing your hard earned cash, so many other sites don’t care and will happily take your money. Here at WA you can afford to be a member and still invest in growing your own business which is why we all are doing this in the first place! Thanks again!

  11. Hey Glen, great post and very helpful and necessary to open readers eyes on the topic of affiliate networks. What you described is so true. We need to take responsibility for ourselves and our own decisions and ultimately what we decide to spend our money on. Not to be dazzled by the lights, bells and whistles. I loved your phrase ‘slow down tiger’ because sometimes it is easy to get ‘sucked into’ a convincing testimonial without stepping back and saying, what a second is this really good for me.

    I believe before buying anything particularly affiliate network memberships we should do our research and work out exactly what we want. Write a list of these points and refer to these when buying. Also, checking out a free membership the try before you buy is an excellent way to ensure you are signing up for what you want. But ultimately if you want to succeed with an online business you are going to need so spend some money on a paid membership and also commit to sufficient time to succeed. Just like you say the network that will work for you will not be ‘an overnight magic formula to make you rich’.

    Thanks for sharing posts like these are so important to balance out the ‘too good to be true’ claims online

    1. Thanks for your insightful post, in todays world its absolutely imperative that we sell with integrity and trust as core values, I want customers for life not just the short term, thanks again!

  12. You are right, many sites promise miracles to people when it comes to earning money. I know easy money doesn’t exists even though people like easy life but i found that to get what i want i have to work hard to achieve it if not i will end up in poverty as lazy people. You are right about WA. it is worthy my trust.

    thank you


    1. Thanks for the reply, you are so right, WA has my full 100% backing, the owners are genuine family guys like me and they have helped so many people succeed thats why I chose them!

  13. I was very fortunate not to have been scammed online before coming across Wealthy Affiliate. And once I used my free account to signup and discover the platform, I knew this is what I had been searching for online. And you were right about one thing. These guys just use the same sales pitch all of the time. 6 figures in less than 2 weeks and all that stuff.

    It takes real hard work and consistency to get there and if anyone is promising that figure within a short period of time, then start raising eyebrows.

    Thanks for pinpointing some of the red flags of a questionable program

    1. Thanks for the comment! Hard-work, consistency and accountability are where its all at, once you own your actions you are the only one that can determine the success of your business, that’s exciting to me!

  14. i think anyone Lolita for ways to make money online should read your post.

    Your absolutely right that you can make a lot of money online, and there’s some people making 5-6 figures a month, however this is done through hard work, persistence, and learning some new skills.

    It’s ridiculous to think you can earn a full time income in a matter of weeks by doing nothing. If that were the case everyone would be doing it.

    So I fully support your recommendation as Wealthy Affiliate being one of the best places to get proper training on how to make a regular income online.

    1. Thanks for the reply! I wouldn’t sell anything to anyone unless I have tried it myself, integrity is everything in this business!

  15. Yes, I know what you mean. I have bought the low ticket items, and watched  a couple of free webinars to try and see how it all works. A lot of their promises don’t add up to me. Have you done any other affiliate marketing besides Wealthy Affiliates?  What do you think about having multiple offers and a squeeze page?

    1. Thanks for the reply, I have tried other Affiliate programs that have multiple up sells but it can get expensive, I stuck with WA for a solid grounding and rather invest in Social media advertising, here at WA you can afford to invest in your own business and still get all the training you need!

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