$$$ Making Money Online 2019 $$$

Just over a month ago on the 25th of March, to be exact, I gave up my ever consuming Corporate job and took a part-time job to give me more freedom to pursue my dream of creating an online life for myself. Having to support a family too I took a job that paid enough to cover the expenses and decided to get stuck in and learn as much as I could as fast as I could without expectation.

I have learnt over the past year that being half in just doesn’t work, there will always be something else that will consume your time and your initial dream will just be a fading memory. Now, you will blame everything around you for this like “WA doesn’t work” “online lifestyles are an urban myth” or even better you will look on enviously of others and think to yourself, “those guys are only making money because they spend thousands on traffic”

All the above excuses are horse manure! The biggest reason that it doesn’t work…wait for it… It’s YOUR FAULT! That’s right, your fault! Change your mindset and commit, that’s it, simple. Look at your online business like a regular bricks and mortar business, if you don’t sell, you don’t eat! If you really want anything in life like a new car, the latest smart phone, new laptop, new camera then we are motivated to work our butts off to my that new shiny car or gadget, so, reverse engineer that theory and apply it to your online business.

Try everything, I mean everything, just like you would for that new car of gadget. Dabble in everything, build a website, write blogs, record videos, live on social media threads, DM influencers on Instagram. If you want it “do whatever it takes”put your head down and grind, hold yourself accountable for every action and keep going. Take the training here, its like pure gold, for anything else use that massive encyclopedia at your fingertips called THE INTERNET, you can find almost anything you want to know on the internet

Focus on the marathon not the sprint, Rome was not built in a day, that’s for sure! Enjoy the process more than the end result and don’t be afraid to set BIG goals for yourself. If you want big results then dream big. Realize that everything that happens to you in your online business is YOUR FAULT! If you can wrap your head around that then you will come to understand that being accountable for everything in your life will give you immense power to change the outcome of almost anything in your life!

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