Thats me in the flesh!

Hi, Im Glen

If you’re here, chances are pretty good it’s because you want more from you’re life and you want a more enjoyable, profitable and rewarding way to provide a better life for yourself and earn the income you desire.

In short, you’re here because you are driven to provide a better lifestyle for yourself and you’re serious about having a better quality of life.

There are so many different options out there today and can seem overwhelming. Finding a good mentor can prove to be challenging and finding the correct fit for what you want to achieve is ultimately the goal you need to achieve.

From the start I will be absolutely honest with you and I promise not to hold anything back from you. I am not going to pretend to tell you that its all child’s play, because its not, what I will share with you is going to require hard work, time and effort on your part.

Everything that I share with you will be based on my own experience and I will be brutally honest with you at all times.

I don’t claim to be an internet or marketing expert, in fact Im quite like yourself with my main motivation is to create a better lifestyle for my beautiful family that I adore with all my heart! I am just surrounded by an amazing team of experts and an amazing support network.

Who is Glen?

Born in South Africa in 1973.

I have two step sisters and a brother from both my parents re-marrying back in the 80’s. This has always driven me to want to provide a stable and safe environment for my children and has been a driving influence for me growing up.

I would imagine you’re asking yourself now, how on earth can this guy help me?

Here is what I have to offer you for guidance…

I have spent a large portion of my working career never feeling like its fair that someone else gets to determine what I’m worth, Ive always wanted to earn an income that provides a healthy enough balance of effort versus reward, the scales always seemed to be weighted in the wrong direction. I have worked in a variety of jobs from Law Enforcement to High Level Corporate Sales and even owned my own business a number of years back which flopped famously.

I felt like I had failed and that the very thought of owning my own business again would send shudders down my spine.

After wrapping up my business a few years back I went for the safe option again and decided to settle for a wage and keep my head down and march forward. I soon came to realise that the long hours and countless of miles of business travel and commitment still left me in a place where you soon realise that you are only a number with an income ceiling. Being made redundant is always a possibility and with a young family this is not a possibility that I was going to  entertain.

After dusting off my old Tony Robbins CD set I decided to listen intently as there was a burning desire within me to do better for my family but this would involve breaking the mould and thinking outside the box as they say.

I decided to take up an offer to find out more about finding a solution that gives me more time with my family and also doesn’t limit me to an income ceiling.

By the way, I will share this very same information with you absolutely free.

My only objective here is to share with you the same opportunity that has totally transformed the way I think and live my life now.

Its important that you realise that this WILL make you think differently about your future goals and most definitely will require commitment and hard work from your side. If you don’t have this un explainable desire to want a life of freedom to work on your terms and own your lifestyle, then Im afraid Im not the guy to help you get to a place of fulfilment.

Im also not the guy that can give you some kind of secret formula that will make you rich overnight.

Having said that, I would like you to envisage a scenario where you can at the very least earn what you are earning right now from your own living room with only a laptop and an internet connection.

Imagine owning your own business without all the stress and huge capital investment required to start any physical business today. In most instances a physical business owns you, you don’t own the business.

There are so many internet scams out there today, so what I can offer you is sound advice and brutal honesty when it comes to what it takes to achieve the lifestyle and income you desire.

Like the old saying goes, if you don’t like the way the table is set, turn the table over. If you feel like me at that time that you have exhausted all your options and that you genuinely want to design a better lifestyle for yourself then lets explore the possibility of a mutually beneficial business relationship together.

Come with me on this exciting journey, I will let you in on EVERYTHING I didn’t know when I was looking for a New Lifestyle: